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Scully Propane and its family of companies reach from sea to shining sea!


Wherever you are in the nation, you can sleep better knowing that you will always have a local Scully Propane propane provider waiting to deliver your fuel with the same quality of service you can expect from our company.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are restricting customer walk-in visits at most of our our locations. Please check to see if your local Scully Propane branch is temporarily closed for walk-in visits.

To see our standard and limited offerings, see the legend below.

Standard at Every Location

No matter where you are, here are the services you can expect at every one of our locations.

Residential Propane

Propane service and delivery to appliances, and tanks above and below.

Commercial Propane

Propane service and delivery to the tanks that fuel your business.

Agricultural Propane

Propane service and delivery to the tanks your crops and livestock rely on.


Limited Services

These are the services that are limited to specific locations. You can use the map to find out what your local branch offers, or you can give your nearest Scully Propane a call for more information.

Grill Cylinders

Offering refilling stations at select locations.

Gas Line Installation

Offering gas line installation at select locations.

Appliance Sales & Installation

Offering generator sales and installation at select locations.

Appliance Services

Offering generator service at select locations.

Forklift Cylinders

Offering propane refueling of forklift cylinders at select locations.

Recreational Vehicles
Offering RV refueling at select locations.