This document describes the principles, standards and practices of customer service that Scully Propane expects its employees to provide for all customers.

1. Introduction

1.1 We will exceed the expectations of our customers and make their use of our product simple and convenient. Customer requests for installation, delivery and repair services will be completed in a professional, efficient and timely manner. Customer inquiries and complaints will be approached with a positive attitude and the goal of resolving the issues and building long-term relationships.

2. Definitions and Scope

2.1 We believe that all customers are important, regardless of the volume and frequency of their purchases.

2.2 Satisfaction, value, prompt service, simplicity, clear information, professionalism and gentility are important to customers. Prompt response to inquiries; on-time, as-promised delivery of product and repair service; clear, accurate billing; follow-up; and immediate attention to problems and issues in a professional and timely manner are the ingredients that achieve each of these customer expectations.

2.3 Employees must work together in accordance with this policy in order to provide the level of service expected by our customers.

2.4 This policy will apply to all Scully Propane personnel, our vendors and subcontractors.

3. Customer Service Standards

Throughout all contact with customers, employees will:

  • Treat all customers with respect and courtesy
  • Listen attentively to what customers have to say
  • Place themselves in the customer’s shoes
  • Personalize service to the needs and circumstances of each customer
  • Grasp customer needs and expectations
  • Give customers an idea of what to expect from us, when and how
  • Keep promises and commitments
  • Follow up with customers promptly in case of delay
  • Respond to inquiries timely and efficiently
  • Never pass the buck or make excuses
  • Show genuine appreciation for the opportunity to serve the customer

3.1 Operating Hours, Telephone, Answering Service and Voice Mail

3.1.1 Each Scully Propane branch office will be open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. We will be closed on designated holidays. All branch offices will be staffed during regular hours and will maintain a live answering service for after-hours emergency service. The answering service will be available to customers by calling the branch’s regular published telephone number.

3.1.2 When answering a telephone call, employees will greet the caller and identify themselves. Employees will strive to answer the telephone within three rings.

3.1.3 Use of telephone answering machines and voicemail to receive calls will be kept to a minimum. If used, employees must review the answering machine and/or voice mail greeting regularly to ensure that the announcement is up to date, e.g. advising callers as to when their message will be retrieved and giving details of whom to contact if the call is emergency. Employees will respond to answering machine and voicemail messages as promptly as possible. If the branch is to be unstaffed for an extended period of time, such as beyond a normal lunch period, phones should be transferred to a branch that is staffed during the absence or to the company answering service.

3.1.4 When contacting a customer by telephone, employees should identify themselves by giving their full name and the name of the company, and clearly outlining the purpose of the call. If leaving a message, ask for a return call but do not convey any confidential information such as anything relating to credit and collections.

3.2 Email

All email communications with customers should be brief and to the point. Employees should provide a telephone number in all communications.

3.3 Personal Contact

3.3.1 When employees meet customers, whether in Scully Propane offices or at customer locations, they will greet customers immediately. If the employee is already engaged with another customer, he/she will acknowledge the second customer then greet them as soon as they are free. Walk-in customers should take precedent over telephone customers whenever practical.

3.3.2 Service calls should not be scheduled unless the customer can be present. Employees should not enter customer premises without the customer being present. Employees must respect customer property and immediately report any issues relating to the customer’s property such as damage.

4. Customer Complaints

4.1 Routine customer questions and complaints will be handled at the branch level by a Customer Service Representative, Service Technician, Route Driver, or Branch Manager.

4.2 If branch personnel are unable to resolve the issue to the customer’s satisfaction, the customer will be referred by the Branch Manager to the Area Manager, then on to the Regional Vice-President, and to the Chief Operating Officer, if needed, until satisfactory resolution is reached.

4.3 In addition to the published branch telephone number, customers can call 800-768-6612 or email [email protected] to communicate any issue they feel has not been resolved in a satisfactory manner. Calls or emails will be responded to within one business day.

5. Confidentiality

5.1 All customer information will be held in confidence, especially Social Security number, date of birth, bank account number, and credit history.

6. Responsibility

6.1 The Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Operational Support, and Regional Vice Presidents are responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of this policy.