Recommended Instagram Welders - March 2017

Today's children are tomorrows future welders. See some off them getting their hands dirty and learning the trade.

Let's Do This

ScullyWelding March 1 Let's Do This

Insta-welder @abergman87 shows that this little one is ready to put the hood down and get to work.

Doing It On His Own

Scully Welding March 2 Doing It On His Own

@quinnschassisshop shares a picture of Lil Quinn. This racing family does it all.

Pulling The Entire Family In

Scully Welding March 4 Pulling The Entire Family In

Specialty wheelchairs is an awesome way to go. Definitely a role model to look up to! As @leon_mogo points out, a long sleeve shirt is a must.

An Extra Pair Of Hands

Scully Welding March 5 An Extra Pair Of Hands

This family business does a lot of neat work that you can purchase. Here they are getting a little extra help. Check out @midwestsalvagestudio to see their finished products.

The Family That Welds Together, Stays Together

Scully Welding March 6 The Family That Welds Together Stays Together

We couldn't caption this any better. Be sure to follow @barbiethewelder and her custom sculptures.

I Can Weld

Scully Welding March 8 I Can Weld

Jake might be young but he's learning. Encourage him @jake_mcar_thur.

10 Years Old And Getting The Job Done!

Scully Welding March 10 10 Years Old And Getting The Job Done!

This family is all about getting big, dangerous trees down safely. But even though trees are the main business, welding still needs to be done to keep things in running order. Here, @pr_timbertree is getting some help from his 10 year old. Way to go!

You Parent Your Way, I'll Parent Mine

Scully Welding March 9 You Parent Your Way I'll Parent Mine

We think that @timsway1 might have something here! Nothing wrong with teaching your children your trade, especially when it's as eclectic as this. You just need to see the variety of work that is done but parenting is certainly at the top of the list!

Follow these amazing artists and see what they create next. Welding is more than just a pragmatic craft used to build the world around us, it’s used in various ways to do a variety of things.

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