Recommended Instagram Welders - June

Most people don’t think of welding as a glamorous profession, but a lot of beauty can be found in this field. Welding makes for some great photography and we found eight awesome welding pix that just might captivate you and make you a new fan of this craft.

Room Divided

Recommended Instagram Welders June Room Divided

Insta-user @shahin_ghayoumi shows us how to divide a room in style with this amazing fabricated faux wall.


2 Scully2 Robotic

@exaduz features a majestic man (a.k.a. Optimus Prime) of metal on his feed displaying the impressive nature of a welder's talent.

Many Masks

3 Scully3 Many Masks

Welder extraordinaire @sicknessandoverdose displays his large collection of customized welder masks. We spy Magneto, Iron Man, Venom, Robocop, and Gene Simmons (from KISS) makeup style.


4 Scully4 Gears

@shahin_ghayoumi makes another appearance on our list with this gorgeous fabricated piece of art.


5 Scully5 Lanterns

NY-based Insta-welder @west.heller showcases custom welded lanterns. Pretty and practical!


6 Scully6 Skull-y

California welder, @toddswelds34 displays his incredible talent in the form of an irridescent 2D skull.

Metallic Rainbow

7 Scully7 Metallic Rainbow

Welder @toolndiewelder displays his freehand tig welding skills while creating a rainbow metallic effect.


8 Scully8 Woven

UK-based welder @pipewelderuk shows us his tig welding skills in this double diamond tig welded piece.

Follow these amazing artists and see what they create next. Welding is more than just a pragmatic craft used to build the world around us, it’s used to create sculptural and permanent items for all to enjoy.

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