Recommended Instagram Welders - June 2017

Every once in a while it is nice to step back and take a look at some beautiful work. We hope you enjoy what these artists have come up with.

Marine Fabrication

Scully Beautiful Work 1 Marine Fabrication

martinmarinedesign has no problem showing off talented work. Follow in Instagram to see many more examples and different techniques used for salt water applications.

A Rainbow of Colors

Scully Beautiful Work 2 A Rainbow of Colors

alliosw is really showing off here. Check out all those colors.

How Well Can You Weld

Scully Beautiful Work 3 How Well Can You Weld

coachelyramirez shows that not only can welding be functional but also an amazing work of art.

Welding Sculpture Welding

Scully Beautiful Work 4 Welding Sculpture Welding

welderzworld is a great one to follow. They post a lot of beautiful works, like this one, we truly are inspired by.

They Wanted One Of A Kind Pipes

Scully Beautiful Work 5 They Wanted One Of A Kind Pipes

metal.magic certainly worked some magic on these pipes. Certainly not stock.

Follow these amazing artists and see what they create next. Welding is more than just a pragmatic craft used to build the world around us, it’s used in various ways to do a variety of things.

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