Recommended Instagram Welders - August

Most people don’t think of welding as a glamorous profession, but a lot of beauty can be found in this field. Welding makes for some great photography and we found eight awesome welding pix that just might captivate you and make you a new fan of this craft.

What Lies Beneath

Scully Welding What Lies Beneath

Insta-welder, @christiankiki28, creates a skeletal sculpture who lights up the night.

Round and Round

2 welding2 Round and Round

Welder, @ivesrublee, displays his mad tig welding skills in this incredible shot!

Heavy Machinery

3 welding3 Heavy Machinery

@notpaul79 creates a miniture world of earth-moving machines.

Steel Rainbow

4 welding4 Steel Rainbow

Aptly named, @tig.monkey, creates a rainbow of colors on a piece of steel.


5 welding5 Circle-lation

@mishler_made_fab displays a well-rounded piece of welded art.


6 welding6 Recoiled

Instagram welder, @vr_human_resource_company, creates a masterful display of welding skills.

Perfect Parts

7 welding7 Perfect Parts

Machined parts are perfectly put together by @karvemachine.

Mean and Clean

8 welding8 Mean and Clean

@irish_welder23 demonstrates how to weld the right way.

Follow these amazing artists and see what they create next. Welding is more than just a pragmatic craft used to build the world around us, it’s used to create sculptural and permanent items for all to enjoy.

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