Recommended Instagram Welders - April 2017

Let's take a look at who we might find in the shop.

How Many Fit?

Scully How Many Fit How Many Fit?

Instawelder oneinsanewelder has an entire drawer full of furry friends in the shop.


Scully Fetch Fetch

yeti_welding has a helping hand around the shop.


Scully Selfi Selfies

emily_swanson333 can catch selfies being taken in the shop mirror.


Scully Stay Stay

chantalmason won't lose the dog on the shop table. Not so easy to run away from here.

Sleeping on The Job

Scully Sleeping On The Job Sleeping on The Job

These two were caught sleeping on the job. highmarkfab even has a sofa fashioned for these pups to be comfy in the shop.

I Want In

Scully I Want In I Want In

Not everyone will allow the dog into the shop. living_off_the_road caught this one trying to sneak in.

Family Is Where It's At

Scully Family Is Where It Is Family Is Where It's At

johnnypairsh knows that it's all about family.

Ready To Roll

Scully Ready To Roll Ready To Roll

rayobrien94 better watch the rear view mirror before taking off as this pup wants to go on the road!

Follow these amazing artists and see what they create next. Welding is more than just a pragmatic craft used to build the world around us, it’s used in various ways to do a variety of things. The time spent in the shop includes more that just yourself.

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